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Q: Who are we?

A: We are a group founded in 2015 by a group of friends in the stellar video game; Elite: Dangerous.

Q: What is Elite: Dangerous?

A: Elite: Dangerous is the most recent incarnation of the old video game Elite, created by David Braben and Ian Bell, set in the distant year of 3303 you are a commander whom recently hit a spot of good luck and finally obtained your first ship (on loan ofcourse) and set out to start your life in space, discovering new sights and experiences.

Q: What do we do?

A: We as The Sovereignty are a player faction in the game, owning a couple systems and having expanded some of our influence between many stations and outposts, through this, we established our group, and grew our numbers sustantially in just a few months.

Q: Where can I learn more about Elite?

A: You can join one of our members streams through the Streamers page of our site, all sovereign members are helpful and wish for more people to play this game to join in on the fun!


Joining us is as easy as joining our discord server! Simply click the discord link under the comminity dropdown, the teamspeak is a great way to join us aswell as there is where most of our streamers are when live!


The Imperial Inquisition, starting as a joke one night on a teamspeak, sparked and formed into the foundation to allow The Sovereignty to grow


The Sovereignty, a group led by their prestigious leader Mavia Kain, was founded in June 3301 by a gathering of like minded individuals at Dalgarno Station, Kamchadals. They quickly relocated their operation to their famous headquarters, Roed Odegaard Port in the Brestla system. Created to fight for the traditions of the Empire and prepare a defence in time for the return of the Thargoids under the name “The Imperial Inquisition”. The Inquisition worked tirelessly within the Empire, lobbying for a return to the traditions that had kept the Empire strong for a millenia. In January 3302 The Inquisition made an appeal to the galactic community to aid in the upgrade of the I Sola Prospect station on Brestla 1A to a “founders” level station, where every ship and module could be purchased. This appeal was successful, making I Sola Prospect the only non-permit station where every module is available. When the Federal-Imperial war in the Pleiades nebula in 3302 began The Inquisition was chosen to represent the Empire and found itself under attack by it’s own imperial allies. After diplomatic inquiries were made, it was made clear that their dream of returning the Empire to “the old ways” was unwelcome. This led to The Inquisition officially seceding from the Empire in September 3302 and reasserting itself as “The Sovereignty”, an independent group dedicated to returning the Empire to the beliefs and ideals espoused by Henson Duval. Since then, The Sovereignty have gone on to establish a presence within the Colonia bubble and have led several large scale charity efforts. They continue to fight for the return of the Duval line to the Imperial Throne, supporting Harold Duval’s right to the title of Emperor.

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